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Thanks to our unique environment, with a long tradition in producing deli foods, our company offers a full range of flavourful and high-quality products that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Ibéricos Pétalos Verday Charcuterie Fresh meat Food Service


One of the top specialities of the Spanish charcuterie, made from finest pigs, a touch of paprika and aromatic garlic. Our selected chorizos are carefully dry cured for an intense aroma and exquisite taste. We present them in different formats, such as diced, minced and julienne cuts, barbecue pieces, coins and logs, perfect for all occasions.

Serrano Ham

Our Serrano hams are made from a selection of high quality pigs, and are perfectly cured to achieve their intense flavour, aroma and texture. Produced in the Phyrenees, with a touch of Mediterranean Sea salt. Discover our different formats and solutions, ideal for all cooking and catering needs.


Get seduced by one of our most traditional cured sausages, authentic Spanish Lomo, made from premium seasoned spiced pork. We offer it in whole pieces or in thin slices, ideal to prepare delicious sandwiches and to give a Spanish touch to all meals.


Our traditional fuet is the result of many years of experience, made with a selection of top-quality meats, which has brought its Catalan speciality, it all its varieties, renown as part of the gastronomic culture of our region. Discover our five -unit format, vacuum packed to preserve its original taste, aroma and flavour.


We present a genuine Spanish sausage, made with a touch of pepper and cured with all our experience and know-how. It is one of the most traditional charcuterie products, with strong aroma and intense flavour, wich makes it an irresistible speciality. We present it in log format and in thin slices.
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