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Thanks to our unique environment, with a long tradition in producing deli foods, our company offers a full range of flavourful and high-quality products that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

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Bellota ibérico

Our greatest treasure. An exceptional quality ham born of tradition, dedication and patience. Produced from a selection of the best Iberian pigs raised in semi-freedom and fed on pasture and acorns.

D.O. Teruel Ham

Made with great care and passion, we present one of our most original hams cured in the Spanish province of Teruel, a region recognised for its excellent production of finest charcuterie.

All Natural Consorcio Serrano Ham

Exceptional-quality ham produced from white pigs. Its quality, and the fact that it is 100% natural, being nitrite and nitrate-free, has earned the quality seal of the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium.

9-Month Serrano Ham

Made from a selection of high quality meat and perfectly cured for nine months. Ideal to prepare delicious ''tapas'' and to give a Spanish touch to your meals.


Thanks to its special cut, its careful packaged system and its exquisite presentation, the products of our Delizias range keep the taste, aroma and texture of freshly sliced charcuterie. The best combination to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Mediterranean Rollitos

This range brings you different combinations of European cheeses wrapped in Spanish charcuterie. The Mediterranean Rollitos are ideal to have a tasty snack anytime.

Mediterranean Tapas

A selection of the finest Spanish tapas in one tray. The quickest and most delicious way to enjoy the best of Spanish charcuterie at home.
NOEL Alimentaria

NOEL Alimentaria